Counseling Services

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Chris has been specifically engaged in the profession of counseling for the past 15 years and he holds both an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and an LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor) in Pennsylvania and Virginia.  His practice is part time and focused on development in three main areas- personal, relational, familial. Developmental counseling/ coaching is tailored to the client’s specific needs, goals, and desires and requires commitment and effort from the client and Chris in order for goals to be achieved.  In other words … beyond the client’s desire to change, individuals, couples, and families must be ready to take steps toward that change.


Individual developmental work tends to consist of: enhancing meaning and purpose, designing new career or personal directions and developing particular aspects of the self (intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, emotional).  Chris works with adolescents and adults experiencing symptoms of depression and issues with adjustment.

Relational work consists of couples counseling, work with communication patterns, evaluations of relational strengths and weaknesses, and emotional healing.

Family work tends to vary from assistance moving through normal family life cycle transitions (new couple, infants, adolescents, etc.) to issues with in-laws, family discord, and other multigenerational challenges.

Consultation:  Please take advantage of the opportunity to meet (or speak on the phone) with Chris for a brief consultation free of charge prior to determining whether to begin counseling.

If both parties believe strongly that the relationship is potentially beneficial, we will move forward in three session increments and reevaluate the continuance of the relationship at the end of each of these increments.

Fees: Individual: $120 per session (50 min).  Couples and Families: $150 per session (80 min). Times and fees can vary based on client preferences as well as financial needs.

Insurance: Out of Network (The client submits the receipt of payment from Chris to his/her insurance company to receive reimbursement.)

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Approach to Counseling:

Humanistic and developmental theoretical orientations guide Chris’ personal philosophy and natural approach toward encouraging individual development. Hence, Chris believes that each individual has the inherent resources within themselves to manage and overcome current problems or challenges and the job of the therapist is to help the client locate those qualities within themselves and put them into action. Chris also understands that this approach may not work well with each client toward the beginning of therapy and therefore he integrates cognitive behavioral approaches throughout treatment.